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The Eastside Arts Society (EAS) has developed and produced some of Vancouver’s most innovative and cherished programming for contemporary performing and visual arts.

The Eastside Arts Society is a registered charity that is home to the wildly popular Eastside Culture Crawl Visual Arts, Design & Crafts Festival, CREATE! Arts Festival and the Eastside Arts District.

The Eastside Arts Society (EAS) develops and produces some of Vancouver’s most innovative and cherished programming for contemporary performing and visual arts. Now in its 28th year, the EAS is embarking on a number of new initiatives to ensure that Art Happens Here, on Vancouver’s Eastside, for decades to come.

Our Vision

Transforming community through performing and visual arts

Our Mission

Inspire, educate, and engage the community in performing and visual arts

Foster excellence and professionalism in the performing and visual arts.

Preserve, promote and grow production space in Vancouver’s Eastside in support of contemporary performing and visual arts.

Our Initiatives

Eastside Culture Crawl Festival

Classic Crawl: Nov 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th, 2024

The Culture Crawl is an annual visual arts festival in November that involves 500+ artists on Vancouver’s Eastside opening their studio to the public.

CREATE! Arts Festival

July 22nd – 28th, 2024

CREATE! is an art festival in the Eastside Arts District bringing together local artists and the community to explore, learn and CREATE! art together through art workshops, public-participation art installations and live performances.

Eastside Arts District Multi-year project

The EAD is a multi-year project whose goal is to preserve the unique character of Vancouver’s Eastside, and to retain, promote and develop artists and cultural production spaces.

Studio 101

Studio 101 is an Eastside Arts Society program dedicated to supporting diverse and engaging artistic experiences for over 220 of Vancouver’s public school youth annually.

Ways to Support

Your support of the Eastside Arts Society is an investment in the arts and artists of Vancouver’s Eastside. It allows us to build upon a 28-year legacy of connecting community with East Vancouver’s vital population of artists, creating access to culture and fostering a love of contemporary performing and visual art for so many over the years, and for years to come.

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