Studio 101

Studio 101 is an Eastside Arts Society program dedicated to supporting diverse and engaging artistic experiences for 240 of Vancouver’s Eastside youth annually.

Many Eastside schools have limited exposure to professional artists and arts experiences beyond the classroom. Studio 101 brings school children into participating Eastside Culture Crawl artist studio spaces for free, hands-on workshops. For many participants, it is their first time connecting with professional artists. The program provides students with insights into the various phases of the creative process, while promoting creative confidence and fostering an appreciation of the visual arts.

Art Happens Here

This year, the program returned fully in-person to offer classroom activities and small group visits to artists’ studios for immersive hands-on workshops. Elementary students from grades 4-7 from Britannia Elementary, Seymour Elementary, Strathcona and Xpey’ Elementary schools will take part in workshops to create ceramics, painting, and mixed media items.

Studio 101

The program was conceived in 2007 and is proudly supported by the Eastside Arts Society, Opus Art Supplies and made possible by the generous support of Jamie Kim, Franco Ferrari, Ruth Scheuing, Banveer Ghatora, Shannon Harris, Mina Laudan and Nancy Sweedler.

Studio 101 is proudly supported by: